Vorbis Comment

class mutagen._vorbis.VComment

Bases: Tags, list

A Vorbis comment parser, accessor, and renderer.

All comment ordering is preserved. A VComment is a list of key/value pairs, and so any Python list method can be used on it.

Vorbis comments are always wrapped in something like an Ogg Vorbis bitstream or a FLAC metadata block, so this loads string data or a file-like object, not a filename.


the stream ‘vendor’ (i.e. writer); default ‘Mutagen’



class mutagen._vorbis.VCommentDict

Bases: VComment, DictMixin

A VComment that looks like a dictionary.

This object differs from a dictionary in two ways. First, len(comment) will still return the number of values, not the number of keys. Secondly, iterating through the object will iterate over (key, value) pairs, not keys. Since a key may have multiple values, the same value may appear multiple times while iterating.

Since Vorbis comment keys are case-insensitive, all keys are normalized to lowercase ASCII.